Topics & Questions for Discussion: Part 4 Sample Responses



After watching the 4th part of the God as we understand Him video, we suggest the following topics of discussion:


For those of us who don’t believe in God, let’s think of various powers that are greater than ourselves.


Sample response by a facilitator or group mediator:


This is an exercise in humility. Even if I don’t believe in God, I know that I am not God. There is many a “Power greater than myself.”


For starters, two heads are better than one. I can turn to my friends, my family, my sponsor, or my 12 Step group as a whole, for guidance. Our various perspectives are “greater” than my single perspective.


In the scheme of things, there are many more powerful forces than me: the car I drive, the electricity in my lamp, the microchip in my computer all were invented and developed over many generations of people before me. The food on my table was grown, harvested, packaged, and delivered to my local grocery store. I have all those people to thank for my meal. In short, I am part of a society, and we are all interdependent. As a whole, the human race is a force infinitely more powerful than any one of us. Without planet Earth, our home, humans wouldn’t exist at all. Our Earth provides us with water and oxygen (among many other things), without which we would all perish. Without the Sun, we would all obviously perish. The Sun is everything to our existence, and yet it is only a tiny speck on the scale of the Universe. Even if I don’t believe in God, it is possible for me to feel a sense of awe and wonder at the sheer scope and mystery of the Universe.


Let’s think of a source of Power on which we can rely when we’re feeling most weak and vulnerable to our addictions.


Sample response by a facilitator or group mediator:


This is an intensely personal process. That source of Power on which we rely might be God or Jesus Christ or Muhammed, as understood by the Jewish or Christian or Muslim faiths. For others, God might not be male. We might imagine God to be a woman or someone beyond gender. We might imagine God not to be a Him or Her but rather an It. Perhaps God is pure Light or Love or Truth. Some prefer to use the term “Higher Power” if they have negative associations with the word “God.” Some imagine a Spirit, like the Spirit of one’s grandmother - her nurturing way, her wisdom. Just as a Christian might ask “What would Jesus do?,” I might rather ask what Martin Luther King, Jr. or Mahatma Gandhi would do. Again, this is an intensely personal process. Each of us must find our own source of Power.